Pursuing The Compensation You Deserve After A Car Accident

Any sort of motor vehicle accident can cause significant disruptions to your life. You may find yourself juggling medical bills and an inability to work, while managing serious injuries resulting from the crash.

Understandably, such accidents can leave you feeling overwhelmed on where to go from here. The attorneys at Barkan & Robon Ltd. - Attorneys At Law offer experienced, compassionate guidance to serious injury victims across Toledo and Ohio. They can thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident, advise on any settlement offers from the insurance company and advocate for your rights in court.

Answering Common Questions On Motor Vehicle Crashes

Whether immediately after the accident or throughout the claims process with the insurer, you may have many questions that arise following an accident. We can address your questions to provide clarity during this time, including:

  • What should I do after a car accident? Immediately after the accident, you should seek medical attention for any injuries you or other passengers suffered. If you are able to, exchange contact information with the other driver and any witnesses, take pictures and cooperate with police.
  • Can I recover damages if I was partially at fault? We can thoroughly investigate the accident to assess the cause. In Ohio, you can recover damages based on your percentage of negligence. If you were 10 percent at fault, you could receive up to 90 percent of available damages.
  • Will I have to go to court? Not every personal injury claim requires a courtroom resolution. If the insurance company initially offers a fair settlement or adjusts their offer in negotiations, you may be able to avoid going to court. When litigation is unavoidable, we will fight for your rights.
  • What do damages provide compensation for? Damages can provide injury victims with financial relief in a stressful and expensive time. They can compensate for medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering and potentially lost wages.

Each claim is unique, which shapes the legal process to follow. We can provide the personal, responsive service you need during this uncertain time to answer your questions and provide you with a realistic timeline.

Consult With An Experienced Lawyer

Do not wait to involve a lawyer after a serious car, truck or motorcycle crash. Learn how Barkan & Robon Ltd. - Attorneys At Law can assist with your case by contacting our Maumee or Oregon offices. Call 567-302-0763 or contact us online.