Business Formation And Reorganization

Whether starting a new business or merging two companies, business owners and executives do best when utilizing high-quality advice from an experienced lawyer. That is the service Barkan & Robon Ltd. - Attorneys At Law provides throughout the Toledo area and northwest Ohio. Since opening in 1964, the firm has guided entrepreneurs, boards of directors and general counsels through business transactions of all levels of complexity and value.

Business Transactions In Toledo

How a new business is established can set it up for future success or leave its partners exposed to civil liability. The attorneys of Barkan & Robon Ltd. - Attorneys At Law possess a thorough understanding of Ohio business law. They provide practical advice and efficient assistance with drafting and filing necessary documents. The firm helps clients determine what form of business to use. The options provided include:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General or limited partnership
  • Corporation
  • Limited liability corporation (LLC)
  • Nonprofit corporation

These different structures affect the owners’ rights and obligations differently. They can have important legal and tax implications, which one of the lawyers at Barkan & Robon Ltd. - Attorneys At Law will explain in detail to their clients, arming them with the knowledge they need to make intelligent choices.

Mergers, Acquisitions And Dissolutions

Business mergers and acquisitions typically require all parties involved to make several difficult decisions. What structure will the new entity take? What will its name be? What will the final cost be? Barkan & Robon Ltd. - Attorneys At Law provides excellent representation during negotiations and contract drafting to ensure its clients’ goals are reached.

Located in Maumee, Barkan & Robon Ltd. - Attorneys At Law also has offices in Oregon, Ohio. The firm can be reached at 567-302-0763 or through its intake form.