Perrysburg may exercise eminent domain for utility relocation

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Land is amongst some people’s most prized possessions. For some, it carries tremendous value that is either sentimental or financial in nature. In the best cases, it holds both types of value. Many Ohio residents plan to hold onto their land to pass on to future generations, while others are holding out for the right market to sell and make a significant profit. This seems like how the system should work, but the government can step in, and through the use of eminent domain, they can derail a landowner’s rights.

Three Perrysburg residents may be facing this situation very soon. Reports indicate that the city may utilize eminent domain to buy land that it deems is necessary to create right of ways for utility relocation purposes. The city’s council approved the offering of purchasing three properties by a five to one vote, with the potential for use of eminent domain. The latest reports state that the landowners have not been in agreement with the city’s proposed plan.

It appears as if the city will try to outright buy the properties, which they claim would add up to $40,000 based on fair market value. If those offers are denied, then the city will utilize eminent domain. Some think that the use of eminent domain here will set a terrible precedent, but we have yet to hear from the landowners. If they feel that the land acquisition is not for public use or that the compensation given is unjust, then they may be able to successfully challenge eminent domain.

Going up against the government in these cases can be frightening. After all, they are often represented by experienced attorneys who know how to argue a case. This is why these landowners need to be represented by an equally aggressive and knowledgeable legal professional who will stand up and fight for their rights. Only then do they stand a chance of staving off a government that is overstepping its bounds and infringing on their rights.

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