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May 2019 Archives

Ohio wage dispute heads to federal court

The workplace can be home of various disputes. Employment law disputes can have a profound impact. For an employee, it can mean lost wages and diminished opportunities. For an employer, it can mean lost revenues and harm to its reputation. Depending on the number of employees involved, the amount of compensation in question and the opportunities at issue, the stakes can be quite high. This is why those who find themselves embroiled in one of these disputes need to consider having a strong legal advocate on their side.

Can the government take your land?

What happens if you’re approached by the government about selling your property so they can build on it? It’s understandable if you would feel intimidated. The process of the government acquiring private land for public use is known as eminent domain and has been around for over 100 years in Ohio.

Litigation and the expert witness

Although the ultimate decisions that are made by judges and juries are based on facts, those facts are open to interpretation. Lay witnesses, meaning those who possess no additional knowledge than the average person, can testify to their personal knowledge and observations, but their testimony regarding their opinion is limited in scope. This is why it is often helpful to have expert testimony when dealing with complex issues. The testimony of these individuals can carry great weight and make the difference between winning and losing a case.

Watch out for things that can invalidate a will

A thorough and effective estate plan may encompass one or more of a number of legal documents. Wills, trusts and powers of attorney can all play a pivotal role in the protection of an estate's value and the distribution of its assets. Although a well thought out estate plan can be ironclad, even seemingly minor errors can have tremendously large ramifications. This is why it is often wise to have the assistance of a skilled estate planning attorney when dealing with these matters.

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