Litigation and legal issues arising in real estate matters

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Every day, real estate transactions occur; however, even the most routine dealings can encounter problems and legal issues. Whether you are looking to purchase, sell, develop, lease or re-zone real estate, your goal is to have everything go smoothly. Often, much is on the line, and if something goes wrong, this could have detrimental consequences.

Real estate transactions often require much paperwork, making it a very detailed and time-consuming process. This also leaves room for errors, making it imperative that you understand your legal rights throughout the process.

Legal issues in real estate

At Barkan & Robon Ltd., our law firm understands the complexities disputes or issues can bring to a real estate transaction. Thus, our attorneys use their years of experience and knowledge to guide our clients through the process, helping to ensure their rights are protected and an optimal resolution is reached.

Legal issues arising in the realm of real estate can range from minimal to detrimental. However, no matter how significant the issue, it is important to note your rights and the options afforded to you to better protect them.

Whether you are dealing with your home or a business, you might encounter issues regarding the purchase, sale or acquisition of the property, zoning and development plans, eminent domain, leasing the property, financing, foreclosure process, tax valuation and tax deferred exchanges under Section 1031. Having an experienced legal professional on your side can help you understand your unique situation as well as the options available to resolve the legal issues at hand.

Real estate litigation

A lot could be at stake if a real estate transaction does not go through, or the issues encountered are not resolved. Often, negotiations are used to reach an agreement; however, this is not always the resolve. At times mediation might be necessary, but real estate litigation might be the best mechanism to reach a resolution.

Depending on the issue, litigation can look vastly different from matter to matter, making it important that you gain insight and guidance on how to proceed with this process. A legal professional can answer any questions, guiding you through any disputes, setbacks or complications. This helps ensure your interests and rights are in the forefront of the real estate transaction you are involved in.

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