Ohio wage dispute heads to federal court

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The workplace can be home of various disputes. Employment law disputes can have a profound impact. For an employee, it can mean lost wages and diminished opportunities. For an employer, it can mean lost revenues and harm to its reputation. Depending on the number of employees involved, the amount of compensation in question and the opportunities at issue, the stakes can be quite high. This is why those who find themselves embroiled in one of these disputes need to consider having a strong legal advocate on their side.

Two employees of a soon-to-open Cleveland hemp manufacturer have done just that. They have filed a lawsuit against North Coast Natural Solutions for allegedly failing to pay them for a month’s worth of training that was supposed to be paid. Others may join these employees in a class action suit, as many others have alleged that they were not paid either.

The financial stakes may be quite high. The manufacturer apparently hired 180 people at $17 per hour to start the business, which included the month-long training. Also, another employee who was to serve as the company’s vice president has yet to receive a $25,000 signing bonus that was guaranteed to her. This case doesn’t look good for the employer, either, who apparently had a number of excuses for why payroll was not being met, and when checks were finally issued, they bounced.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this case plays out and the role the law has in protecting wronged workers. These matters can take some time to resolve, though, so it may be months before we hear of any settlement or trial date. Because these matters are fact sensitive and aggressively fought, individuals and businesses alike need to make sure they are doing everything they can to protect their best interests. This often includes seeking help from a legal professional who is skilled in business law.

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