Business lawsuit: Restaurant lines negatively impact neighbors

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For most retail businesses in Ohio, an increase in traffic and presence of more potential customers would be viewed as a positive. More people in the area means that there is the possibility that every business will have a greater chance of walk-in traffic and sales. However, the type of traffic can be critical and those who are dealing with a business that is so busy that it is negatively impacting their customers should be aware of legal remedies to rectify the situation. In one recent business lawsuit in Toledo, the term “traffic” is being used quite literally with what is viewed as too many vehicles waiting for service.

Chicken franchise sued by neighboring business

A business in a plaza has filed a lawsuit against a Chick-Fil-A location not because the franchise is intentionally doing anything wrong, but because it is so busy that the drive-thru traffic is causing a dangerous situation along with hindering other businesses. The lines are so extensive that vehicles trying to enter the parking lot are unable to do so, possibly damaging other businesses. Busiest times are during lunch and dinner. With the number of vehicles waiting in line, it not only prevents vehicles from parking, but it prevents drivers from leaving the area because they are blocked in. Customers have stated that it is unsafe.

The owner of the plaza says the objective is not to be financially compensated, but to have the situation addressed by the restaurant. In fact, the extra traffic is viewed as a positive as it might inspire people to visit and patronize neighboring businesses. The real estate owner and the restaurant are both named in the lawsuit. This is not unusual for the popular chicken franchise as it faced a similar case in New Jersey. That drive-thru was eventually closed because of the problems.

Having legal representation can help with a business dispute

Although this case does not appear to be acrimonious, that is not true for many business disagreements. Regardless of whether there is a financial dispute, land issues, concerns about access, real estate battles or other challenges, it is important to be protected by an experienced legal professional. This case seems as if it can be deal with amicably with logistical adjustments, but not every case is like that. To handle disputes and concerns, consulting with a firm experienced in business litigation and real estate cases may be able to help.


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