What can you expect in an eminent domain case?

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The power of eminent domain is exercised rather frequently in Ohio and across the nation. However, it is probably rare that any one person will be involved in an eminent domain case twice or more – if you are involved in such a case, it is most likely your first time. So, what can you expect in an eminent domain case?

Important decisions

Well, for starters, you’ll need to expect to make some important decisions along the way. The first decision is usually whether or not you are going to contest the taking of your property or property interest. In other words, you may decide that you want to fight back about the claim that the taking of your property or property interest is for a public purpose, for example, or that the taking is simply too much for what is needed. It is important to note that fighting the taking of property or a property interest can be a huge uphill battle.

The next most likely fight will be over the value of the property or property interest to be taken. The entity that is taking your property or property interest may have a much different valuation than you do. If the parties simply cannot agree on an appropriate number, the case may proceed as a fight over value.

Although the overall structure of most eminent domain cases are similar, your property and property interests are unique to you. At our law firm, we understand that some people want to fight the taking of their property from the start, while others are more interested in maximizing the value they receive. For more information about how we attempt to help Ohio residents with these types of cases, please visit the eminent domain overview section of our law firm’s website.


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