Avoiding business litigation with a safe construction site

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Construction companies work in a rough business. Dealing with the weather, the elements, normal business concerns, and the plethora of federal, state and local laws is enough to make even the most experienced foreman’s head explode. But, one of the most basic things that construction company owners can do to avoid business litigation is keeping their Maumee construction site safe.

Construction accident risks

Construction accidents can lead to workers’ compensation claims, but most pressing, they can also lead to construction slowdowns and litigation. Since construction projects often involve multiple companies working together, an accident can easily cause business litigation. Whether, it is a third-party personal injury claim, contract dispute or even a worker led work stoppage, unsafe greater Toledo metro area construction sites can easily cause litigation.

Wait, worker led work stoppage?

Yes, if a worker sees an unsafe or unhealthy work environment that poses an imminent risk of severe injury or death to your employees, they do not have to work in that dangerous condition. They can refuse to work, and anything you do to them for that refusal to work can be considered retaliation that can lead to further litigation and OSHA penalties, separate from the fines one might receive from OSHA.

What do they have to do?

The first sign that you might be facing a worker led work stoppage soon is the notice from your employees of an immediately and severe dangerous work condition. If you do not immediately mitigate or eliminate that danger, or reassign that worker to a new job site or alternative work, your workers can likely refuse to work.


What is worse is that you are now on notice about this dangerous condition on your construction worksite. This means that if workers, customers, contractors or anyone else is injured by that dangerous condition, you could be on the hook in a personal injury lawsuit. This could, in turn, lead to additional business litigation as a result of the dangerous condition, delayed work, worker injuries, etc.

The key

Always be on the lookout for dangerous conditions on your Northwest Ohio worksites. And, when someone alerts you to a dangerous condition, make that area safe as soon as possible. Block that area off, and make sure no one is injured there.

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