Property tax valuation and appeals process

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Every homeowner should be aware of the tax valuation process in Ohio and how to appeal if they disagree with the tax assessment of their property.

Tax valuation overview

The tax valuation process for real estate includes several steps. First, the county auditor’s office identifies all properties in the area and assigns each parcel a number. Then, it will physically inspect the homeowner’s property to understand its characteristics like bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet and any improvements.

The county auditor then analyzes property data and assesses a value. Then, the homeowner is notified of the property’s value and the county treasurer will determine the amount of property taxes the homeowner owes. If the homeowner disagrees with the valuation, they will have an opportunity to appeal.

Appeal process

The homeowner can contact the county auditor’s office to request a copy of the assessment and review it for any errors or omissions. If the homeowner finds errors, they should gather any supporting documentation they have to show that the valuation is incorrect. This may include photos or property appraisals.

The appeal must include the homeowner’s name and address, the property’s identification number, a description of the error or omissiion and the correction requested. The homeowner may be required to attend a hearing held by the board of revision. Then, the board will either uphold the original valuation or adjust it.

If the homeowner is not satisfied with the resolution, they may have further appeal options. The appeal process can be lengthy and complex depending on the alleged error or omission, but support is available for homeowners.

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