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Running a business in today’s regulatory-heavy and litigious society is complicated. From day one, deciding on how to form a business and which entity type is the most appropriate, there are a thousand things that take our clients away from what they do best, run their business. This is why it is so important to have a legal warrior on one’s side, ready to fight, like the attorneys at Barkan & Robon, Ltd.

Strategic guidance

The consequences of forming the wrong entity for one’s business or losing litigation is potentially, extremely, costly. Perhaps, even enough to lose one’s business, but our job is to make sure that does not happen. As one of one of the top business litigation firms in Maumee and the greater Toledo metro area in northwest Ohio, we have millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Indeed, we have been winning for our clients since 1964, and we are known for our aggressive, yet strategic, litigation strategies.

No business issue too small or large

It is just a fact of doing business that issues will arise. These issues could be with customers, employees, competitors, vendors or even the IRS. At Barkan & Robon, Ltd., we have the experience to handle these business issues, no matter how small or large. For example, our firm has extensive experience with business formation and reorganization to ensure that businesses get off on the right foot to help avoid many of the pitfalls that can occur if the wrong entity type is chosen. We also help with bankruptcy, contract breaches, IRS issues, collections, shareholder disputes, etc.

Clients can count on Barkan & Robon, Ltd.

No matter the complexity, we have nearly 60 years of experience to help. And, we bring this deep and exhaustive legal experience, along with expert witnesses and other resources, to ensure our clients get excellent case outcomes. Our goal is to save our clients stress, time and money, while still achieving positive outcomes.


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