What to base a business formation decision on

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There are several different business forms available that can help entrepreneurs set up their new business. Business owners starting out should be familiar with the different business forms available and how to evaluate which one to select. Deciding on a business form is an important first step for every entrepreneur beginning the journey of starting their own business.

Different business forms

There are several different business forms to consider during the business formation process. Business form options available include a sole proprietorship; limited or general partnership; corporation; or limited liability company (LLC). Each option has different benefits for entrepreneurs to consider.

How to evaluate the best business form

Evaluating which business form is the best option should be uniquely tailored to the needs of the business owner and their goals for the business. There are several factors to consider including the amount of personal liability protection the business owner needs; the tax implications of the business form and how it is taxed; the cost of maintaining the business form; the amount of control the business form provides for the owner over the business; and the ability of the business to quickly raise capital given the chosen business form. The business owner should also take into account the future needs of the business when selecting a business form.

Business law can help new business owners get their businesses set up. Setting up a new business venture for success is important and that process starts with the selection of a business form.


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